ITE and Epson: Helping you with your pre-Christmas label needs

ITE and Epson link up to offer you two of the best deals money can buy.

Here at ITE we understand both the need for short run label printers alongside higher production rate machines. That’s why we introduced the Epson range to so we can meet the demand for short run whilst not compromising on quality.Epson TIM C7500 C3500

Our first of two offers are in place for anybody that has a medium to low demand for labels and wants a reliable quality print. The Epson C3500 allows up to 104mm per minute printing at a 720 x 360 dpi to produce a steady quality print.

The start-up deal. With our Epson C3500 we will add a full set of label inks alongside a maintenance tank free, securing your ability to print for time to come.  That’s over £80 worth of products completely free, you’ll  be up and running in no time at all.

What does the Epson C7500g offer? The Epson C7500G is a faster larger machine with capabilities of over double of the C3500 at 300mm per minute output. This is ideal for companies that need fast production to meet almost any level of demand.

A service to you. For a limited time only the C7500g will come with a free 3 years on site servicing. That’s 3 years servicing from our highly trained technicians so that you not only receive a quality product but you have the assurance that any problems will be dealt with for years to come.

Both of these machines offer a wide variety of advantages to any production chain that uses label printers. What advantages will Epson printers offer? They allow for, customisation, a
shorter production chain and production costs that aren’t reliant on a high order quantity.

So, if you are outsourcing your labels or just want something more reliable give ITE a call to get a deal that simply can’t be matched

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