Top Ten Benefits of Printing your Own Labels In-House


Just 10 of the reasons why in-house digital label printing can change your company!

Here at ITE we understand that investing in a new technology can be a leap of faith so we have devised a list demonstrating why investing in a digital label printer will be an improvement for your company. This list is comprised of the top 10 benefits of the technology and should display how it increases efficiency, quality and usability:

  1. You will save time and money on the transit between your company and the outsourced label company.
  2. Lower printing costs to a point where you could have short run seasonal labels without any additional cost.
  3. Print labels as needed with an ability to adjust for any spikes or dips in demand.
  4. Control the whole production process from start to finish which reduces the chance of any outside influences on the production chain.
  5. Use a central database for your labelling allowing for you to locate and instantly print any previous designs.
  6. Can colour code products increasing organisation without the need to have separate orders.
  7. If you previously outsource, owning a machine can allow you to not only reduce costs for yourself but open another revenue stream providing a labelling service to other companies.
  8. You can easily customize your labels making it more personal to the customer such as the ‘share with a friend’ Coca Cola campaign.
  9. Ability to print a wider variety of products due to how digital printing uses CMYK inks over RGB.
  10. Reduce inventory costs and can introduce a just in time production based on product demand.IMG_6662

So with this list you can see that to invest in a digital label printer can really improve your production line leading a more fluid process and quicker turnover.

If you would like to hear any more of the many reasons why digital printing can improve your brand please give one of our helpful sales agents a call on: +44 (0)1623 861173


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