WIMS – White Ink Management – the Future of Digital Printing

An introduction into the benefits of the WIMS system and how it will change the way you print.


Since the beginning of Direct to Garment (DTG) it has been necessary to perform two passes of print; one to layer the white, and the next to add detail and colour. This process has been viewed as cumbersome and unnecessary, at DTG Digital headquarters which is why we have researched and perfected the new WIMS process which is revolutionising the way we view digital printing.

White ink management traditionally requires a large amount of maintenance and upkeep due to the density and heavy consistency of the ink itself. Traditionally the consistency of white ink may lead to the ink clogging up equipment resulting in the machine breaking or performing at a subpar standard creating inconsistent designs and prints.

The DTG Digital WIMS system dramatically reduces the chance of this happening due to Key features such as a Flow & Return Pipe, Hart rhythm style ink agitation pump which keeps the flow consistent, inline ink filter to remove any air bubbles and the pressure release dampers and manifold.

This inline pressurised pump/agitation and ink air filter technology is the solution to an industry problem which has allowed DTG Digital printers to be industry pioneers in Direct to Garment arena. The one pass system incorporates theWIMS animation WIMS to provide customers with a service that is one of a kind and will drastically improve efficiency whilst reducing maintenance costs and increasing Printable quality. Combining WIMS and one pass allows greater opacity in white and an increase in production rate of up to 25% whilst maintaining quality white ink distribution.

How does this affect my company?

First of all we understand that if you’re a garment printing company reliability is the key to success. When the orders come in thick and fast the last thing you would need is anything going wrong with your machine, bringing production to a halt. WIMS will not only reduce the chance of a breakage but due to the interior systems of the machine it will make sure that the correct amount of ink is released every time. This saving in maintenance costs and reduction of delays in the production line will not only save you costs but also show your customers that your products are the most reliable choice.

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2 thoughts on “WIMS – White Ink Management – the Future of Digital Printing

  1. coskun

    İ have freejet tx330 machine and i wanna add white ink system on the this machine.
    What do you prefer about this and price?
    Thank you


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