A Comparison Between DTG Digital Printing and Screen Printing: Invest in the Future

Comparison on the effectiveness of Direct to Garment (DTG) printing and screen printing.

As the garment printing market is continuously growing and developing it becomes increasingly important to maintain your competitive edge. The key to competing in this market is having the most innovative and advanced hardware which will allow you to maintain low costs, high production rate and the best quality of product. I will be comparing two of the most successful Prod_M2-2-Shirts_800x532methods of printing garments to see which one will offer the best value for money.

First of all we need to consider the early stages of the production process and how this affects the print.  The beginning of the production process really highlights the differences in the methods that are consistent throughout the production process. The DTG digital printer allows for a fast start up as the producer needs only to load the machine with their desired size of fabric then upload the choices of design to the software in preparation for the print.  Screen printing requires the customization via UV lights to change the screen for every colour that is required. This process for screen printing is necessary for every colour that is used during the printing process.

Alongside the set-up differences the actual printing time differs greatly also. In screen printing if the print needs more than one colour the producer will need to wait for the products to dry before the next is added. The valuable IMGP3699time used during this process can massively delay the production line and lead to hold ups in certain processes. In contrast the One Pass system offered via DTG allows for both the white ink and any colours to be applied in one print pass.  During an order of large quantities the DTG digital printer can save a large amount of time that otherwise would have been used for drying. This allows a fluid production chain from printing to packaging.

A summary of the Pros and Cons of the two printing styles:

DTG Series

Fast and reliable Slower Printing times than Screen printer
One Pass Print System
White ink management system  
Easy set up  
Print Any colour from any design!

Full all over body printing

Over embellish with Rhine stones or Sequin’s




Screen Printing

Fast at single colour prints Messy
Print on any size fabric Have to create the screens
Needs to be Flash cured between multiple colours
Limited to set colour process printing

Cannot do Full colour Full colour Printing

Cannot over embellish with Rhine stones / sequins



These two types of print are both effective in their own right but investing in a DTG Digital is investing in the future where the options you will have for garment printing is boundless.


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