Which of Impression Technology Europe’s Digital Label printers is right for you?

Avoid confusion with this guide to some of the best digital label printers on the market today.


There are quite a few types of digital label printers on the market today and that can prove to be a little confusing. Here at ITE we have produced a short comparison of our two types of desktop digital label printers. Hopefully this will make the choice much easier!


PRINTER Vortex 850R   Compress LP4
   850r  Compress front view_0005
Rewind Included No Yes
Resolution 1600dpi 1200x600dpi
Max Print Speed 18m per min   9m per min
Print Method Memjet Inkjet Dye Ink Single Pass 4-Color LED
UV light resistance Low High
Water resistance Medium High
Paper Substrates Inkjet coated only Standard Papers
Synthetic Substrates Inkjet Coated only Standard Polypropylene

Standard PET

Kraft Backed Polyethylene

BS5609 Approved No Yes
ICC Profile and Color Management specific to stock in RIP? Yes – Optional Caldera RIP Software   Yes– Optional Kothari RIP Software
Cost Calculator Yes– Ink and Substrate   Yes – includes all consumables, Toner, Substrate, Wear on Belt, Drum, Fuser
Compatible with qualified BOPP material? Yes Yes
Print on pre-die cut? Yes Yes
Display Full colour Touchscreen Backlit Display EFIG+
Max. Web Width 220mm 210mm
Min. Web Width 52mm 100mm
Print Quality Modes 1600x1600dpi 1200x600dpi
Input System Max. Roll Diameter 305mm Max. Roll Diameter 305mm
Output System Max. Roll Diameter 305mm Max. Roll Diameter 305mm
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Pros: The Vortex 850r is ideal for creating stunning looking labels at high speeds. Its photorealistic quality and excellent colour reproduction ensure that your labels stand out.

Cons: It is not best suited to producing labels designed to be outside in the elements.

Pros: The Compress LP4 produces a highly durable, GHS approved label. With the ability to print on to most standard substrates it enables the user to produce labels suitable for almost any industry.

Cons: Lower print resolution. High fuser temps prohibit some synthetics from being used.



Digital label printers enables greater control of your product, reduces your lead times and cuts out the middle man (ie. your traditional printer or digital printer).  With a small amount of knowledge garnered via our smart and practical training, you can be up and running in no time!

Please contact us for further info about digital label printers or why not book an online demo or face-to-face interactive demonstration in our fully equipped showroom so you can try it yourself?


T: +44 (0)1623 861 173


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