The Benefits of Digital Printing


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Digital printing has been around for years now and the advantages over traditional flexographic and gravure printing are growing all the time.

 To the unenlightened, digital comes across as expensive and only suitable for small runs or special editions. In reality, companies of all sizes, including the larger outfits, can find a lot of value and benefits when using digital labels. For example as a result of the short lead times the need to hold stock is greatly reduced. Personalisation is also another huge advantage. Effectively each digital label is unique and this means that the ability to print variable data or even individual personal information (think the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign) such as numbers on products or names is done at the time of print and at no extra cost – no overprinting required.

LF3 front

Nathan Daniel, Global Sales Manager for ITE said: “Our clients use digital labels for many reasons. It can be a real gamechanger when it comes to making your brand stand out on the shelf. Our team can offer advice on how to setup specifically for a digital process. We’ve pretty much been there and seen everything in the past so we know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, extra amendments are also much simpler and easier with digital.“

And what about the future? As more and more companies look towards using digital labels how will the current structure cope? In reality, the capacity of the digital trade houses will reach its limit, therefore owning your own low cost digital label print machine, such as the machines we supply here at ITE, will enable you to gain control of your label production like never before.


If you haven’t looked at your labels and packaging for a while, or even if you are starting out, then maybe digital could be the route for you to maximise sales.’ Feel free to send in any artwork you wish to have printed as a sample or if you wish to explore our digital machines further have any questions you can contact us at or visit our website at



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